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How Much Money Can I Save With Solar?

Aside from doing your bit for the environment, no one would deny the prospect of making a decent profit from solar panels is a major factor for getting an installation.

Who doesn’t want cheaper electricity bills? Better yet, who doesn’t like the sound of turning from utility consumer to utility supplier, using the UK Government’s new Smart Export Guarantee to sell surplus power exported back to the grid?

There’s no one size fits all however. Estimating ROI depends on several variables that need to be considered. If you fork out on top of the range systems with leading-edge components, you’ll produce more power, but it will take more years to see a return that opting for a cheaper installation. Roof size and orientation are other factors that govern how many panels you can actually install and the quality of photovoltaic cells needed. 

Estimating ROI depends on several variables that need to be considered

A high-quality solar installation can be a reliable source of power for over a quarter of a century if well maintained, and most homeowners pocket a profit within 15 years – some even earlier. Thanks a great deal to significant falls in average installation time and costs. 

No matter how much you spend on your installation, when combined with energy bills savings and the Smart Export Guarantee energy, most homeowners can expect an attractive return.

If you’re looking to develop your green home and make some money while doing it, contact our team to see how much you could save.