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  • Save 70% on your energy bills
  • Earn up to £1,000 tax free each year
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Save 70% on your energy bills

Earn up to £1,000 tax free each year

Reduce your carbon footprint

Get in touch to arrange your free and no-obligation home survey to receive a tailored report of just how much you can save!

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How Does Smart Solar Work?

Solar Panels will produce you free electricity during daylight hours, this energy can be used in one or two ways. The first is the battery can store the energy for you to use on an evening this on average results in reduction of your electricity spends of on average 70%.

The second is if you have any surplus power it can be sold to the grid through the smart export guarantee scheme – This is where your energy company will send you tax free cash for supplying them with your free green energy.

Finally, and possibly the most impressive part is the smart technology inside of the battery will scour the market and work out the best possible times to purchase the energy in for you. This is because the grid works upon supply and demand so in the middle of the night your battery has the ability to even get paid for taking in surplus energy from the grid and then sell any you don’t need back on at peak prices.

What are the Benefits of Smart Solar?


An average of 70% on your energy bills.

Powering your home with your panels provides you with free energy during the day. Your battery system provides free energy at night.


Up to £30,000 of tax free income over 30 years.

Powerful AI and grid trading technology will buy and sell energy on your behalf, earning you up to £1,000 each year.


Your carbon footprint and protect the planet.

Modern solar panels re-pay their carbon cost of manufacture within 1.5 years making them a high performing carbon reduction technology.

How Much Does It Cost?

System Costs

The cost of solar systems varies based on the size you require for your property. Generally we would expect Solar & Smart battery systems to cost between £5,000 to £12,000.

To get a true cost of the system you need for your home, a free survey is required. This will show you the cost vs savings of a system designed for your specific circumstances.

Finance Options

While there are no free systems or grants, approximately 80% of customers pay nothing up front by choosing to finance their system.

The low rate of finance and the savings & earning from the solar panels makes this a very affordable way to purchase the system.

Finance is also flexible so you can pay a % up front to reduce the monthly payments.

Return on Investment

Over a typical 25 year period we expect most Solar & Smart battery systems to return upwards of £25,000 in savings and earnings.

This return will only increase inline with energy prices rising at ~4% each year.

Overall it represents a minimum return of 300-400% of your initial investment – these types of returns are not easily found elsewhere!

Industry Protection for Your Peace of Mind

EPVS or Energy Performance Validation Scheme means that a 3rd party would vet any solar survey before an installation took place.


An expert who is completely impartial looks over the survey and supporting evidence to make sure that your system will produce what the company that are trying to sell you the system are saying it is going to produce.

HIES offer many different things but the main thing that they do is guarantee that you get any warranties offered to you when you purchase a system.


Solar panel systems come with 25 year warranties so this is very important as how can anyone make anyone a promise for 25 years without any insurances in place?


No this is not a rent a roof scheme. You will fully own the panels on your roof and receive 100% of their benefits.

Historically solar has only performed well on south facing roofs at 30 degree angles. Modern panels do not have the same issues and can be effective on a wide variety of roof spaces. A free home survey is the best way to find out if your roof is suitable.

With solar PV and smart batteries, you can save as much as 70% on your electricity bills. The overall saving is dependent on how much electricity you use, which is why our fully qualified assessors are the best way to get the most accurate estimated savings.

Typically, our accredited partner will complete the installation within a day and with minimal disruption to your property. The solar PV system sits on your roof, while the smart battery is neat and compact and can fit in a loft, garage, or even a cupboard. 

Our Accredited Partners offer a range of finance options with competitive rates. Finance options allow you to purchase and own a system without having to pay for it outright. Benefits of this include the fact that the savings and earnings from your system, which will start as soon as it’s switched on, can be offset against the monthly finance repayments. This means your system could, in effect, be paying for itself.


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